How Ultimate Golf Seats Are Made

Our seats are built with beauty that is both seen and unseen. Beneath the luxurious exterior of your seats is a solid foundation of proven engineering unlike any other seat available in today’s market. As you’ll see, we’ve taken extraordinary steps to ensure an exceptional product that is built to last for years to come!

Starting with your seat’s foundation, the base is made of three-quarter inch pressure treated plywood. Each base is precisely cut via CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) cutting technology. The five-ply layers are resistant to cracking, shrinking, twisting and warping. Our pressure treatment of this wood is a deterrent against infestation, rotting, mold and bacteria growth.

Our framework is a one-inch square, 16-gauge steel tube that is digitally bent for exact precision, and then is MIG welded for optimal strength and stability. The back support structure, called the Flex-A-Later, is a key part of the framework to provide superior comfort and support.

All the steel parts of your Ultimate Golf Seat undergo a process called E-Coating, or Electro Coating, which means an electric current is used to deposit and bond paint onto the part. This means a durable, long-lasting finish that is exceptionally resistant to corrosion.

Another innovation to your seats? We use stainless steel fasteners, which resist staining, corrosion or rusting – even in the harshest environments.

The bolts we use to fasten the frame and hardware are secured by Zinc Dichromate treated T-nuts which are riveted into their exact locations. This means an ultra strong and corrosion-resistant fastening system for your seats.

One of our secrets to providing the ultimate comfort in your seats is the use of automotive quality polyurethane foam. We use a combination of exceptional quality and superior resiliency high density foams that together provide you many years of comfort without losing shape or support. Our product also meets the Federal Flammability requirements.

For the Luxury Bench seat, we use marine grade products for the console’s hardware so it’s corrosion resistant and built to perform at an optimum level for years.

Our headrests are also made with automotive hardware to maximize functionality without compromising style.

Another outstanding feature of your Ultimate Golf Seats is its adjustable lumbar support. It is an extension of the frame design that completes a solid and stable mechanism that rotates to suit your individual needs.

Our armrests are built with a 16-gauge steel tube which is pressure fit and MIG welded to a solid three-quarter inch heavy duty pivot pin. This ensures a strong and lasting feature of your seats. Each armrest pivots 90 degrees to create the ultimate in ease when entering and exiting your golf car.

Each Ultimate Golf Seat bottom is finished with a marine grade undercover material which helps protect your seats against extreme elements while remaining visually appealing.

The luxurious vinyl of our seats is from Morbern, Inc., a leading manufacturer of automotive and marine grade materials. This material is resistant to mildew, UV rays, abrasions and meet numerous Federal Flammability requirements. Our vinyl is factory treated with a protective top coat for superior protection against stains, scuffs, scrapes, dirt, grime and premature aging.

Your Ultimate Golf Seats are sewn and upholstered in the USA with handcrafted care and precision thanks to our team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals. The seams are double-stitched and reinforced at key stress points using UV resistant polyester thread. The covers are secured with stainless steel staples and a sophisticated system of extruded plastic channels.